Author of ‘The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy’ Hosts Book Signing at the Barracks

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ZANESVILLE, Oh – One person is telling the true life story of America’s most famous painter of the jazz age.

Something that started as a minor preoccupation soon became an obsession. At least that is what James Head said after more than 10 years of exhaustive research and the hundreds of interviews required to bring Howard Chandler Christy’s Legacy to Life. Author, Head has published the first biography on the life of the legendary artist entitled: ‘An Affair with Beauty. The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy- The Magic of Life.’

“The story revolves around Howard Chandler Christy who’s once considered one of the most celebrated artists during the jazz age if not the most celebrated during the jazz age. It’s told through the eyes of Nancy Christy a former cosmopolitan model who’s once considered one of the most beautiful women in america particularly during the 19 teens and 30s. Through her eyes she explores Christys life and what it was like to be his model,” said Head.

Head, a resident of Chantilly, Virginia, held a book signing Saturday at The Barracks. During the book signing, Christy’s studio/barn was open to the public to see a display of his work.

The book will release August 12th. For more information visit:

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