Air Force Recruiting Office Now Located in Newark

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NEWARK, OHIO– For about a year and a half, the Zanesville Air Force Recruiting Office has been closed. Recently, Newark has opened up a new office to assist those who are interested in enlisting in the United States Air Force (USAF).

The Air Force Recruiting Office is now located at 281 Deo Drive in Newark next to Kroger.

Charlotte Velasquez, Technical Sergeant, USAF, said that the Air Force offers a lot to those who would like to take on a different career path that will help them benefit and plan their future.

“The services that the Air Force provides are training in 150 different careers. All of that training then accounts towards the community college of the Air Force, which is a regionally accredited college that you can earn an associates degree in applied sciences in your career field,” Velasquez said.

“We also provide free education so you can get any degree you would like, plus you get free medical and dental. You wont have to worry about job stability or somewhere to live because you’re going to be getting a paycheck, free housing, and food.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Air Force you can contact the Newark Office at 740-364-0220 or email for more information.

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