The Muskingum County Community Foundation Releases Annual Report

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The Muskingum County Community Foundation released its annual report for 2015.

The report is called ‘Blue Prints’ this year which is apart of MCCF’s recent focus on strategic planning for the community foundation. Juliet Lacy said the report is a brief financial overview of 2015.

“It also list members of our Board of Trustees, Trustee Emeriti, Foundation Council and the Community Youth Foundation members. It basically highlights some of our programs and activities from 2015. Including our ‘Spring Grant’ winners, we had 13 organization that received a total of $30,000 last year. Also, the Community Youth Foundation was able to award $2,000 in grants in youth organizations around Muskingum County,” said Lacy.

Lacy said the overall goal is to give community members an idea of their yearly services.

“A lot of people in Muskingum County don’t know exactly what the community foundation is. Maybe they’ve heard the name but, they’re not sure exactly what it is we do here and how we can help,” said Lacy. “There are so many things that we do here and I thinks it’s important for the community to be able to access that it’s not a secret, we are here and we’re here to help.”

You can locate the report on their website at:

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