Area Boaters Participates in ‘Ready Set Wear It’ Day

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Local boaters participated in the Annual ‘Ready, Set, Wear It’ Life Jacket World Record Day at Dillion Dam Saturday.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources held an event to kick off National Safe Boating Week. U.S Army Corps of Engineers, Park Ranger, Robert Cifranic said this is an event to remind boaters to stay safe on the water.

"The U.S Army Core of Engineers as much as possible try to promote water safety. For the passed several years we have been cooperating with the safety boating council in an event called ready set wear it," said Cifranic.

Cifranic said ‘Ready Set Wear It’ is an international event where they try to get as many people as possible to wear life jackets at one time around the entire world to bring awareness to water safety.

"Over 90 percent of the water related deaths occur because because people are not wearing a life jacket. We’re very proud in this district especially Dillion Lake because, we haven’t had a drowning for close to 12 years now," said Cifranic.

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