Writing Workshop in Somerset Saturday

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If you are looking to hone your writing skills or even publish a book,  a local organization is hosting a workshop to help you do just that.

The Ohio Arts Council and Appalachian Hills of Ohio Territory (AHOOT) is sponsoring a free workshop in Somerset. This Saturday at the Someset Library Annex. Columbus Publishing Lab CEO Brad Pauquette will conduct a publishing and marketing workshop for all authors.

“It will be a free program for writers along the winding road. A free lunch is included as well. There will be insight from Brad. Who has advised, published, and marketed books that are on the New York Times Best Sellers List, and also local efforts and first efforts. So there is a wide range of knowledge that he brings,” said Winding Road Consultant David Mitzel.

The workshop will explore an array of topics from paths of the modern author, steps to publishing an exceptional book and easy marketing steps for all authors.

“Sometimes people don’t recognize what it is that they have until it’s pointed out to them,” said Mitzel.

To register, send an email to register@ahoot.org.

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