Local Farm Market Impacted By Last Weeks Cold Spell

Local News

On Tuesday we visited Paul’s Farm Market and Greenhouses to see how last weekends cold spell impacted their fruit trees.

“Temperatures are very crucial during the bloom period. Our peaches and plums were in bloom and it had to take away a lot of the bloom and killed them. Hopefully, there are some out there that we can go and salvage,” said Terry Paul, Part Owner at Paul’s Farm Market and Greenhouses.

Paul said that while the peaches and plums were hit the hardest, his apple trees were not affected as much.

“Our apples look very promising. We might see about 25 percent of them dead. They are not in bloom yet; they are in what we call the ‘red bud stage, red tips’. This weekend we might see them open up,” said Paul.

Paul said at this point and time its hard to make a judgment on the status of the plum and peach tree blooms, but he’s hopeful that a lot of the blooms will survive with the upcoming warm weather.

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