ZCA Holds Its last Concert of the Season

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The Zanesville Concert Association  held its last concert of the season at Secrest Auditorium Sunday.

The concert hall introduced Intersection Trio, a group based out of California combined with a pianist, cellist and violinist. The Zanesville Concert Association President, Janet Slack said this group brings a new freshness to the concert hall.

"They are performing a wide variety of music. Their mixing classical with Latin and Jazz and Broadway tunes like you hear right now," said Slack. "Zanesville is always fortunate to get some of these concerts as the people are making in route progress from one city to another and being on I-70 we live in a very special place that they go right pass so we’re able to bring in some of these world renowned groups."

Slack said next season they are going to be opening with Mark Twain’s ‘Tonight’ with Hal Holbrook on October 15th.

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