Leadership Conference At Zane State Coming In April

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The event is designed to assist local emerging and existing leaders to enhance their leadership skills so more local businesses can flourish within.

Larry Triplett, Executive Director at the M.C.B.I. said the event would feature multiple speakers and guest keynote speaker Archie Griffin.

Archie Griffin is not only known for his sports leadership, but also has an impressive resume as a business leader. After his speech, a group of successful CEO’s will be present to deliver a speech on strategic thinking. Following that will be a session on teamwork building, and lastly a session on a disciplined approach to create better efficiencies within an organization.

Triplett said that he encourages everyone apart of an organization to attend that wish to improve their company.

“The audience is not just the people at the top of an organization. We are trying to encourage that there would be people from throughout the organization. As we publicized this, we have said this is for emerging leaders as well as seasonal leader,” said Triplett.

The event is on April 21st from 8:30am to 3:00pm at the Zane State College Campus Center. Tickets are ready for purchase at M.C.B.I. Tickets are $180 a piece or $650 for a group of four people from the same company.

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