Owner Responds to Shots Fired Outside of the Smiling Goat

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Zanesville Police responded to shots fired outside of the Smiling Goat Saloon on Linden Avenue early Saturday morning.

Authorities said it happened around 12:30 a.m. Police are not releasing any more details at this time, but we talked to Darren Tigner, owner of the Smiling Goat Saloon, who said he is glad that nobody was hurt.

"Late Friday night we had a gentleman try to come into the establishment. Luckily, our bouncers got him right at the door asked him for some ID, and he refused and his attitude was really poor. We decided not to let him into the establishment. At that point in time, we got him off of the premises, and unfortunately shots were fired towards the building from that gentleman," said Tigner.

Tigner said you can never be fully prepared for a case like this, but if you can identify problems before they get out of line, it can help to prevent any future altercations. Tigner said safety is their number one priority.

"He shot at the front door and hit the front door. Fortunately, all of our bouncers did a really great job never allowing him to come into the building where he could really affect any of the local patrons. Really proud of the way our staff handled the situation from what could’ve been a very potentially dangerous situation," said Tigner.

Tigner said the person who fired the shot is in custody, and he expects charges to be filed. Meanwhile, the Smiling Goat Saloon is still open during normal business hours and local favorite Carson Drive is performing Saturday night.

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