Virtual Library Offers Something For All Ages

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Virtual Library Offers Something For All Ages
Photo by Quay DeVoll

When schools are closed many parents have a tough time thinking of ways to keep their child’s mind active.

The Muskingum County Library System has some snow day activities to keep your little ones’ mind engaged.

“For children we have resources but we also have interactive opportunities with puzzles, puppets, stuffed animals, and activities at discovery stations. So there are many ways to still be learning and having fun on a snow day,” said John McIntire Library System Assistant Director Blair Tom.

Tom said snow days are great days to utilize the virtual library online.

“That’s at library card holders can download books, music, stream movies. So there are many online opportunities as well as databases that can engage, enrich, and entertain people of all ages,” said Tom.

Tom said you can even apply for a library card at the virtual library as well. For more information, visit

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