Maysville Elementary Hosts Safety Workshop

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local school is being proactive when it comes to keeping the students and staff safe.

Maysville Elementary Assistant Principal Adam King is meeting with grades K thru 5 to discuss a range of topics from cyber bulling to gossip.

“The message is specially to the group of students that we have here at Maysville Elementary. We’re really trying to give kids an understanding of inappropriate. Threats can be written. They can be drawn. They can get gestured. They can be spoken. We are trying to really nip all of that,” said King.

King said the goal of this discussion is safety. And to give parents and guardians assurance that they are sending their child to school and it’s safe. But King said it starts at home.

“Have conversations with their kids at home. We think a lot of this stuff only happens in junior high or high school. But it happens at the elementary level as well. A lot of times they might not have quite the understanding that the older kids might have. But we’re trying to make them aware of that their behaviors and their words have consequences,” said King.

King said the number one goal for any school is to provide a safe learning environment.

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