Barefoot McCoy Releases 1st Studio Album

Local News
ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A licking county resident is doing some cool things musically.
The artist known as Barefoot McCoy is releasing his 1st studio album entitled “Bye bye Bluebird” McCoy is a folk rock music artist. He sat down with us and talked about how this album  differs from the others.
“This one is a little bit more into the folk rock. The others are probably more strictly folk. This one has more of that vintage so of Bob Dylan Cat Stevens sound in a way,” said McCoy.
McCoy said growing up in Licking County has influenced his music.
“There’s that sort of hint of Appalachian culture with the folk feel. I have the roots sort of the old time ballots and those stories. Partially having played around here and down in Kentucky the music that comes out of that culture. A lot of the old stories and tied to nature in a lot of ways as well,” said McCoy.

“Bye Bye Bluebird” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and