Anchored For Justice Will Host Justice Walk on January 30th

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JusticeZANESVILLE, Ohio- A local organization is trying to give a voice to the voiceless and shed some light on a growing issue here in the Untied States and locally.

Anchored For Justice is a non profit organization designed to help victims of human trafficking. Director of Anchored For Justice Audra Ladd wants to get an important message out to the public.

“Human trafficking is not just an issue in other countries. It is very much so here in the United States. Within the last for years it has made itself known. We can turn on the news and there is always going to be something about human trafficking. There is help for someone who is caught in human trafficking. Someone who may have no idea how to get out. There is help,” said Ladd.

Anchored For Justice is hosting a walk for justice on January 30th. The walk will start at the Muskingum County courthouse and end at the police station in downtown Zanesville. Ladd said following the walk there will be a prayer and refreshments will be served.

“It’s to help the families. To let the families know there are people out here are supporting them. We want justice to be done for these families. We want the lost to be found. And what ever happened to those who were killed, we want it to come to light. We’ll have it at 12 o clock. It’s free to the public. There will be balloons released in the commemoration for the missing person and then the walk will be right after,” said Ladd.

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