Zanesville Community Theater is Holding Auditions for a new Musical

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A very popular play is coming to the Zanesville Community Theater this spring and the entire community is invited to try out.

Today marks day two of the auditions for the musical Chicago, based on the 1926 play ‘The Same Name.’ We talked to a board member from the production, Sheryl Wise and she said she excited because, they are bringing a brand new show to the theater.

“As we go through the audition process tonight people will be singing, people will be dancing and just getting ready to go through the process so that the director and the musical director and the rest of the team will be able to make an assessment and hopefully in a few days here we’ll get a cast list together,” said Wise

Anyone of the 18 or older with a head shot or resume and can sing is welcomed to audition. Wise says they are looking to fill around 15 to 18 spots in the cast.

“Anyone is able to audition, that’s one of the things we always stressed here at Zanesville Community Theater, that auditions are open to anyone who comes to audition. What we’re really looking for is people that are wanting to be involved in community theater, people that are going to be committed to the process and of course it is a musical, you need to be able to sing and dance,” said Hawkins.

The performance runs from April 15th until April 24th.