Resurgence of Employment Opportunities in Ohio

Local News

‘Ohio Means Jobs’ reported that there are around 100,000 job openings across the state.

Muskingum County Supervisor Julie Metzger said many of the jobs offered are in the medical field, customer service, and heavy equipment. The high number of employment opportunities is thanks to economic up-turn.

” The economy has turned around which has brought more jobs to our specific area and what that has done is lowered the unemployment rate and people are employed so the jobs that are out there right now are going unfilled due tot he fact that the economy is a lot better than it was back in 2011,” said Metzger.

Metzger said that qualifications for the jobs vary, from a high school diploma or GED, to a bachelor’s degree, or commercial driver’s license, and many of the jobs offer salaries above minimum wage.

“The jobs that are out there now are more high paying jobs,” said Metzger. “They’re not your entry level. They do require a little bit more experience with those but they are good paying jobs that you could raise your family on and be self sufficient. ” posts openings in the area and you can access the website from home or you can visit the resource room where employees can help you search and apply for jobs.

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