Digital Collection Now Available at John McIntire Library

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The John McIntire Library has made some changes for the New Year.

On Monday the library completed its switch to its own digital collection available to the public. Assistant Director Blair Tom said that the library team is making things more convenient for the people of the community.

“As we start the new year, the library team is assessing use of resources and identifying new strategies to assure that we have what people want, where they want it, and the quantity they need it as conveniently as possible. A significant piece of that is that we launch our own independent digital collection,” Tom said.

There has recently been an increase in digital use and a slight decrease in traditional use formats. The new digital collection offers a lot of popular titles suggested by the public.

“What we did was have the data from the past number of years of the kinds of titles and genres that people were using. We then developed the collection based on that. We contract this daily, weekly, and monthly,” Tom said.

Tom also met with selectors on Monday to discuss strategies to make the digital and traditional collections more timely, responsive, and well used.

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