The Hanson Scholarship

Local News

The Muskingum County Community Foundation hosted the Olaf and Olga Hanson scholarship award ceremony today.

This scholarship is based off Olaf and Olga Hanson, who were both retired school teachers. Both of them left money to promote early education majors in their later years of college. This year there were two students won the scholarship.

“This came about because one of the ladies was helped by a church when she was going for her masters, and she remembered how much she appreciated that help. When she left the money, people she knew formed a committee, and the foundation helps us award two scholarships a year now,” said Vicki Whitacre, committee member for the Olaf and Olga Hanson Scholarship Committee

We spoke with the two award winners, and they say having the opportunity to receive this scholarship is very important to them.

“This is really important because it’s helping me to further my education and to stay in school. Hopefully, not have such terrible loans when I get out of school, so I can eventually go back and have money to get my masters,”Kaitlin Coulson, senior at the Ohio University.

“Very important, it makes it that much easier to keep going. Especially when I am wanting to do my masters, it makes it a lot better,”said Adam McElhaney, senior at Muskingum University.

And there will be a reception held at the Muskingum county community foundation for all of the scholarship winners on December 30th.