Preparation for the 25th Annual Angel Tree Benefit is Underway

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ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Renner and Zaneville Community Theater present the 25th Annual Angel Tree Benefit.

They were kind enough to let us peek into their dress rehearsal Tuesday. This year’s theme is Silver Bells. A nice addition to the show is 6 Herald Trumpets provided by Purdue University. Director, Rich Tolliver said the cast has been practicing since October, and this show will just knock your socks off.

“Our greatest accomplishment is two fold really, we bring a lot of people together from a lot of different areas. They become friends. It’s like an extended family” said Tolliver. “We have over 90 people involved here. And of course the number one thing we accomplishment is we help the Salvation Army give kids Christmas that other wise might not have it and that’s our goal.”

There is no set ticket price, as they will simply take donations. All funds support the Salvation Army.

“I think it behooves us to try to help those that are a little less fortunate or maybe they are up against it a little bit” said Tolliver.

The show dates are this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:00pm. And Sunday at 2:30pm at the Renner Theater 148 North 7th Street.

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