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It’s that time of year again when hunters take to the woods in search of the perfect whitetail deer.

Ohio’s most popular gun hunting season officially began Monday and runs through Sunday. Ohio’s ranked 5th in the nation for resident hunters, but deerstalkers from all across the country are expected to venture to the Buckeye state to take aim at our abundant population. As a deer hunter’s paradise, Ohio’s white-tailed deer population is nearly 800,000. More specifically, Muskingum County is one of the best in the state to bag a buck, with more than 400 trophy bucks. Resident hunter, Stephen Meyers, said this season’s warmer weather didn’t affect his chances of catching a 200 pound whitetail.

“I got out in the woods about 6:30, it was still dark, couldn’t find a spot that I wanted to be in, ended up getting to a spot, and I was standing there probably about 10 or 15 minutes, saw a big buck come out, shot and found him in the woods,” Meyers said.

To help manage the deer population in Ohio, this year’s deer-gun season comes with new restrictions. In Muskingum county, the bag limit has been reduced to a total of only two deer. If you plan on traveling outside the county, you can bag a total of six deer statewide.

“You also can only buy either-sex tags, no doe tags, so we try to make sure everybody paid attention to that,” said owner of Dillon Falls Bait Shop, Kathy McCann. “As of today, if you’re out in the woods hunting, you cannot use an antler-less tag whatsoever, it’s an either-sex tag period.”

If you’re planning to get out in the woods this week, remember to always wear orange. Hunting hours begin 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

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