Buck I Guy Brings OSU Excitement to Primsrose

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Residents of Primrose Retirement Community were treated to the ultimate OSU tailgate party with a special guest.

Buck I Guy, a familiar face to Zanesville, made an appearance to spread some Ohio state cheer, as the Buckeyes get ready to take on those teams up north. The football icon signed autographs and celebrated OSU’s undefeated season with fans just like him.

“This is a hot bed of Ohio state fanbase right here in Z-town, and let me tell you Primrose, unbelievable folks here, great, great folks here, I love this, this is multiple times coming back here, and Buck I Guy loves spending time in Z-town,” he said.

The Columbus native who never misses an Ohio State game, was just recently inducted into ESPN’s Fan Hall of Fame. The lifelong super fan told us he’ll be at the Shoe on Saturday to watch as his favorite team plays Michigan State. On the verge of its two biggest rival games of the season, Ohio State is one of only five teams in college football who remain undefeated.

“I’m going wherever they’re going, if we’re playing in anchorage Alaska, I need an igloo, if we’re playing in Alaska, wherever we’re playing, I’ve been all over, California, the city of Washington, it’s unbelievable,” he said.

Be sure to cheer on the Buckeyes Saturday, as they take on the Michigan State Spartans at 3:30 at the Shoe.

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