South Zanesville Fire Department Making Upgrades

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The South Zanesville Fire Department is taking first-response to a whole new level.

The department is implementing a first-responder unit, and will be one of only two departments in the region with this service. For those needing urgent medical attention in any emergency situation, all fire-fighters will now be certified first-responders and able to provide care right on the spot.

“We’ll be the first line to help the community in need, when community gets a call for our area, Springfield Township, and the Village of South Zanesville, we’ll be responding ahead of those to get the patient stable until they can arrive at the scene,” said fire chief, Russel Taylor.

The department hopes to launch the service by the first of the year. Certification classes begin on November 18, and are expected to be completed by December 20. Taylor said the service is just a small part of many changes ahead for the department.

“We’ve also promoted two people at this time, Jacob Waltemire is being promoted to captain, he’ll also be captain of fire and ems, and J.T. Roberts is being promoted to captain on the fire side, and we’re just moving forward,” Taylor said.

The department just recently upgraded its computer system, and is in the process of purchasing a new medic vehicle.

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