Tarbert Defeats Hillis in Law Director Race

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The results from Tuesday’s election show Zanesville voters were ready for a change in the Law Director’s seat.

City councilman, David Tarbert, was elected Law Director in a landslide victory. He defeated incumbent, Scott Hillis, by more than 1,000 votes. Tarbert’s early lead in the race didn’t come as a surprise, as he said he ran a campaign based on integrity, knowledge, and experience. Tarbert steps into this new position, following 19 years of experience on city council.

“It’s been a long year, but we’re feeling elated, a little exhausted, we’re still taking down some signs, but it’s a pretty good feeling today,” Tarbert said. “Over a year, I think it just kinda ebbs and flows, I don’t think we were expecting this, but we’re certainly grateful the voters brought this election in for us.”

Tarbert’s experience doesn’t end with council. He has been practicing law in Zanesville for more than 20 years. As Law Director, he said he looks forward to working with the city administration and code enforcement team, to help clean up streets and neighborhoods that have succumbed to drug abuse, crime, and prostitution.

“I think what we would like to do is start an initiative, one street at a time,” Tarbert said. “We’re going to take a look at certain areas, certain streets, where I promised some people that I would be back if I won the election, I told them I will be back and I will talk to you, and we’ll figure out a way to help clean up your street.”

Tarbert will remain on city council for three more meetings, before starting his four-year term as Law Director on January 1. Following his departure, councilman Steve Foreman will represent the 5th ward.

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