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The average number of active shootings in the United States has increased dramatically in the last decade.

Friday, educators, law enforcement, health-care workers, and other safety professionals from our area and beyond came together for an “ALICE training workshop” at the Zanesville Campus of Ohio University and Zane State College. ALICE stands for alert, lockdown, inform, counter, and evacuate. Instructor Tony Castillo says the purpose of the ALICE method is to teach a proactive response-approach to violent intruder events.

“ALICE is a philosophy training program that is specifically designed that focuses on people that are involved in active shooter, active killer events,” Castillo said. “It’s about training them how to survive these events. What most people that go through the training realize is that we’re talking about the potential of this type of training impacting you in everyday life.”

Schools, hospitals and other work-places have lockdown procedures already in place using ALICE. Castillo says with the number of violent events on the rise, this training is necessary in all sectors of life. Nearly 50 representatives from various fields of work came out to take part.

“The training is fabulous, it gives you an overall view of what happens during scenarios, different things you can do in an attempt to make people safe,” said Derek Dieter of Dieter Security Investigations.

“We do have a process or policy in place, but we just want to enhance that and make it better,” said Mike McKinley.

Representatives from Genesis Healthcare Systems and Muskingin University were also some of those in attendance.

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