Boy Scouts Annual Popcorn Sale

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The Boy Scouts of America’s largest fundraiser of the year is currently underway.

October marks the start of the Scouts’ annual popcorn sale, which helps them raise money for their units. Proceeds from the fundraiser benefit anything from programs to help the boys learn life-skills, to recruiting new members.

“The best part of the fundraiser is it does exactly what we said, it can structure their year, so they can go to camp, they can go on some adventures throughout the year, it really sets them up, so they really don’t have to worry throughout the year about how they’re going to go to them, or how they’re going to afford to go to them,” said Volunteer, Danny Mizer.

The popcorn comes in a variety of flavors and with the holidays fast approaching, Mizer said it would make the perfect gift. Local Boy Scouts, Thomas Milner, and Patrick Doyle told us what they love about being a part of a great program.

“I just like going for the camp outs,” Milner said. “I like going to the air-force museums and things that.”

You can find the boys selling popcorn in different locations throughout the area. To order, you can call Mindy Doyle at, 740-586-4554.

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