Scrap Metal Drive Fundraiser for Food Pantry

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A fundraiser is being held for the South Zanesville Methodist Church Emergency Food Pantry. The church has been sponsoring the food pantry for over 18 years.

A scrap metal drive is going on now through the end of the year where locals can take items such as soup cans, pop cans, appliances, computer parts but not the monitors, computer hard drives, printers, scanners, etc to Muskingum Iron and Metal. Just let them know you’re there for the drive and the church will get credit for the donated weight of the items. With the number of families in need constantly increasing, the food pantry is struggling to accommodate.

“We have a lot of big families in our pantry, we have anywhere from 5 up to 10 so it’s really hard to have enough food to supply all of that for those families. Plus, it takes money to buy food and even though I try to spend my money wisely it just doesn’t always stretch as far as it needs to” says Coordinator of the S. Zanesville Food Pantry Jill Crippen.

Local businesses like sSheetz and Riesbeck’s do their part to donate food items such as meat and baked goods but often times the food pantry still needs to do fundraisers in order to raise enough money to help purchase food throughout the year. Due to the success of last year’s scrap metal drive, the pantry has decided to give it another shot.

When we asked Jill Crippen why she likes to be involved in this she replied:

“I like to take care of the kids. I know that circumstances are beyond their control and so I do it for the kids.”

If you are unable to contribute to the scrap metal drive, food or monetary donations are gladly accepted just take them to the church from 10 a.m-noon Monday, Wednesday or Friday and on the 4th Wednesday of the month you can come between the hours of noon-2p.m.

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