Youth Shoot this Weekend

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Youth from all over Ohio battle the drizzle to participate in the 5th annual Youth Shoot.

Kids ages 10 through 18 were invited to learn about firearms, and take some shots of their own after training sessions on firearm safety. Chief Instructor of Buckeye Firearms Aaron Kirkingburg said that youth shoots and other firearm education is important so kids aren’t in danger around guns, but rather prepared with information.

“Knowledge is the key and taking the mystery out of firearms so that children aren’t curious and seeking out a firearm that is maybe kept in the closet or mommy and daddy have over or grandpa’s got in the back room,” said Kirkinburg. “Take that curiosity out of it. They know about firearms and how to safety handle them. ”

The youth shoot began years ago when two boy scout troops came together to earn merit badges. Years of growth expand the event to nearly 100 scouts and non-scouts this year. 11 year old Aaron Dick said he’s happy that his troop made it to the event today.

“I just think it’s cool that since Boy Scouts, we get to do cool stuff and I never really knew that kids were allowed to shoot guns because I always just thought it was adults or people in the war so I’m just happy that I get to experience this,” said Dick.

The event wraps up Sunday with more shooting, lunch, and an award ceremony.

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