Chilling Tales and Hunting Tips at the Library

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Folks gathered in the Muskingum County Library for scary stories.

The Ohio Exploration Society stopped by to share some of its paranormal investigating adventures with guests as well as tips for hunting for ghosts in the field. Vice President Matt Stilwell explained a few trade secrets.

“The biggest in all this is safety,” said Stilwell. “We don’t condone going into buildings without any permission first and foremost try and get permission without question because otherwise it’s breaking and entering and that’s a bad thing to be doing. Second of all if you are able to get in there to be aware of where you’re walking. A lot of the buildings are falling apart.”

The OES works to explore buildings forgotten over time. Stilwell said the society wants to help people with their work.

“We just want to try to preserve some of that even if it’s a building that no one really cares about,” said Stilwell. “There could have been somebody trying to find out about their history, genealogy or just the history of their area where their family has been. ”

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