MCBI To Renovate Second Floor Of Building

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The Muskingum County Business Incubator is making big plans a reality over the next month.

Executive Director of the Business Incubator, Larry Triplett told us a little over a year ago, Troy Balderson and Brian Hill were instrumental in helping the MCBI get the two hundred and twenty five thousand dollar grant. Triplett said the money will allow them to restore and renovate the second floor of the building.

“We’re going to have kind of a cafe style–Starbucks kind of style cafe and a fitness room with showers.” He explained, “Obviously the whole building as you can see is in pretty poor repair right now but it will all be kind of state of the art, business office kind of complex here.”

Triplett said this will allow them to bring anchor tenants into the Business Incubator, or in other words, existing, sustaining companies that can live within the building. This will allow them to collect rent that will help to fund the rest of the Incubator Program. Triplett explained the plans for the new floor of MCBI will be very beneficial to the community.

“A lot of small businesses really struggle in the first couple of years. That’s when seventy percent of the businesses fail.” Explained Tripplett, “…our objective at MCBI is to help them through those initial one to three years of statistically failing years and make it so that they can succeed.”

Triplett said the MCBI has already created about one hundred and seventy five jobs and hopes to create four hundred and thirty more within the next five years. Triplett said construction should be finished by the third week of October. The plan is for the first tenant to be able to move in by the first week of November.

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