Restored Tractors at the Fair

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Members of the Old Steam and Gas Club are preserving pieces of history and displaying them right here at the Muskingum County Fair.

Fully restored tractors are lined up behind the Veterans building to give patrons a look at machinery dear to the hearts of the club members.

“Some of these tractors are ones that they grew up on and have retained throughout the years,” said 2nd Vice President Brad McCune. “Many of them have been restored to more of their original state, as what they were originally, and some of them have been purchased along the way and restored.”

The restoration process can be difficult depending on the amount of work needed to take these tractors back in time.

“Some of these tractors have been torn down to absolutely nuts and bolts lying all over the garage,” said McCune. “Each individual piece sandblasted, engines rebuilt, clutches rebuilt, and then painted and reassembled.”

The Old Steam and Gas Club will feature a show in September for those looking to see these time traveling machines in action.

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