Christ’s Table in search of Fresh Produce

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Christ’s Table is looking for fresh produce to serve daily.

Executive director Keely Warden said every little bit helps. She said it’s not something that people served by Christ’s Table usually get to enjoy at home, so the cooks at the Table work hard to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

“Fresh produce is very expensive,” Warden said. “It’s something that’s a luxury for those that we serve to be able to go out and purchase, and it doesn’t always necessarily happen, and we try very very hard to try to fix really fresh, nutritious meals. It’s something that the people we feed aren’t necessarily seeing at home.”

Each day, Christ’s Table serves around 110 cans of fruits and vegetables. Warden said it’s great to have donations coming in so they can replace the canned items with fresh ones.

“We want to thank everybody that’s already bringing it in, and remind those that may not realize, we could use a lot, we can use a little,” Warden said. “When we get those days when we have a lot, we can’t use it here at the Table, we share it with our guests. We put it out in the dinning room and give them bags so they can take it home.”

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