Zanesville Pride Night

Local News

Dozens from around the community came out in support of LGBT pride at Weasel Boy Brewing Company Monday night.

The Zanesville Pride Night capped off an historic weekend for our country. Equality Ohio organized the event with the intention to discuss the next steps in the LGBT community’s cause. Even though marriage equality has been granted, LGBT activist, Lyn Herron said there’s still a lot to be done in the fight for equality in the LGBT community, especially in Ohio.

“Marriage equality isn’t the only thing on the agenda for LGBT issues, we also have housing and employment protection, we have transgender rights, we have many, many different avenues to take, marriage equality was just the first of many,” Herron said.

After being together for 30 years, one Zanesville couple exchanged vows in a ceremony at the event. Cathy Hickenbottom and Barb Amstutz talked to us about what it meant to them.

“It tops my first wedding by far, even though I have two boys, this tops it by far, ’cause she’s been my rock and my support, my boys’ second mother, it’s just fantastic,” Hickenbottom said. “We’ve been a support to each other, we always say neither one of us would have made it without the other one,” Amstutz said.

City Council member Ann Gildow and deacon Jessica Stonecypher were among some of those in attendance. Gildow said she hopes the community will embrace this new decision.