Congressman Bill Johnson Discusses Oil & Gas Industry

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Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson made a stop in Zanesville Friday to talk about what’s happening in the district.

Johnson said the growing oil and gas industry in our region is contributing to a healthy economy and could potentially create many job opportunities.

"I have a bill called the LNG Permitting Certainty and Transparency Act, it has passed the house, and that’s designed to get the Department of Energy to make a decision, a timely decision on LNG export permits," Johnson said. "America doesn’t play broadly in the global liquid gas export market and it’s a huge market, experts have told us if we get into that market, you’re talking about potentially 45-thousand jobs."

The congressman also took the time to talk to us about some current issues facing Washington.

"We’re looking at the King v. Burwell case coming down. The Supreme Court is going to be announcing its ruling whether or not the state that did not set up their state exchanges are authorized legally to participate in the federal exchange and get federal subsidies," he said.

Johnson said he also hopes to see our Ohio roadways and bridges repaired and maintained moving forward.

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