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The Muskingum County Business Incubator in collaboration with Zane State is offering local businesses a great opportunity.

The Grow Business Assessment is designed to serve as a resource for existing businesses. It allows for a set of fresh, professional eyes to examine your business and show you how you can better it. Client Manager for MCBI, Wendy Edgar told us about some of the things that they look at.

“So when we go through the grow business assessment, it really is a SWAT Analysis. Everything we do is based on the principles of a balanced score card. So we look at not only their financials, and it doesn’t get in to details, the overall financial picture. How their customer focus is and then the growth of the organization. What are they doing today to set themselves up for success in the future?”

Edgar said the business assessment was created about a year ago and the MCBI has already assessed 25 to 30 different businesses. Edgar explained so far it has been very successful.

“Business owners are really weighed down with all the day to day of their business operations. What do their customers need and how are they going to grow sales or how are they going to fulfill an overwhelming growth of sales and whats nice about our assessment is we just bring them in. We allow them to openly talk about their business in a lot of different areas so it’s just another set of eyes. It’s just a different perspective and from that we’re able to pull out maybe some area of opportunities that can help them.”

The cost to receive a business assessment is $350. Chamber members can receive one at a discount of $239. You can schedule an assessment at the MCBI website:

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