Zane Grey hosts Red Nose Day Event

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Zane Grey Elementary and Intermediate School joined the Red Nose campaign May 21 in hopes to raise money for childhood poverty.

Brave teachers volunteered to allow students to become their ‘design team’ and dress them up, along with hair and make-up to get a laugh and raise funds. Teacher at Zane Grey Elementary Jodi Bainter said that they saw the need and just wanted to join a good cause that will help those in their own community.

"This is an opportunity again for us to say ‘I’ve never lived a day in poverty but I would certainly do anything to improve the lives of these children’ so if it means putting on a red nose then I’m willing to do it," said Bainter.

The Red Nose Foundation donates all proceeds to 12 different charities. According to Bainter, the charity that caught Zane Grey’s eye was the United Way. The school has received so much help from the United Way in the past, they felt it was time to give back.

"The United Way is a big sponsor at Zane Grey so we wanted to really raise funds in order to support the United Way’s work, " said Bainter.

Zane Grey asked that donations be made at The photos of teachers in full costume will be available to see as well.


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