Fallen Officer Memorial Service

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To remember the men in blue who lost their lives protecting the city, the Fraternal Order of Police had its annual memorial service today.

Muskingum County Sheriff, Matt Lutz lost his father in the 90’s while he was on patrol. Lutz explains what it means to him to on the line each day.

“It’s very trying to be a police officer right now whether you’re a city police officer, or a deputy sheriff, or a state patrolman. I can’t think of a more trying time, and it just goes to show the true character of the people we have working in this county. That they continue to get up, put the uniform on, and continue to leave their families and go protect us and our families.”

Over 120 officers died in the line of duty last year. Locally, officer Robert Tanner died in 2002, and is the last police officer to be killed in our area. Lutz and the other officers at the memorial today express hope that it never happens here again.

“I think you just want to continue to do what they did. They loved doing their job, they knew the inherent dangers, unfortunate circumstances lead to their death but I think as officers we get up everyday, and we wanna continue doing what we need to do, and we need our officers in this county, and this community to protect us ”

Several city council members and police families attended the memorial today.

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