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Identity theft is commonly thought of as a digital problem…But it can also strike your paper bills as well.

Because identity theft and fraud are still so prevalent, Community Bank in downtown Zanesville decided to help our community members by providing a “free shred day”. The bank teamed up with ‘Allshred Services’ to be able to destroy unwanted documentation safely and securely. East Pike Branch Manager Melissa Denny describes the event.

“We thought it was important that our residents could get rid of, or dispose of sensitive materials, in recent identity thefts and fraud that goes on in the area. Bank statements, old ten ninety-nines, anything tax returns, receipts, bills, pay stubs, anything like that.”

Denny says keeping your financial information secure is paramount to your safety. And that having your identity stolen can destroy your credit score and prevent you from getting a loan.

“You can buy your personal shredders. The bank is always willing to shred some items for you. You want to make sure that things get ripped up, if you have a way to burn those items that’s also another good way. You never just wanna throw things in the trash that have your identity, your social security number, anything that anyone can use against you.”

For more information regarding your security, or Community Bank’s services, and locations, you can visit the bank’s webpage or call (740) 454-1600.

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