Severe Weather Preparations

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We’ve seen severe storms hit across the country already this spring, but so far we have avoided anything major here.

Tornados and severe thunderstorms are very common during the spring and summer months. According to the American Red Cross, everyone should have a plan in place for when severe weather strikes.

“We do recommend that you heed those warnings, take your preparedness kit to the basement with you,” Community Disaster Educator, Martha Staley, said. “It might have the things in there you need. First aid kit if you’d happen to need it, things like that.”

Staley said you need to include water, a radio, and a flashlight in your emergency kit. Ideally, your kit includes many things that you may already use and have handy.

“It’s around your house,” Staley said. “Most of these items are there; work gloves, rubber gloves, things like that, just gather them into a kit. Get an old book bag the kids have and put those things in there so you can grab it if you have to evacuate at a moments notice or shelter in place.”

Staley also said you need to wait a half hour after the last thunder because lightning could still be around in the sky.

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