Management Shift at Jaycees Golf Course

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New management at the Jaycees Golf Course is preparing for a season without a pro.

After last season, the course’s pro resigned. Now, long time superintendent, Mitch Bowman, is taking over inside the club house. He explained why the course didn’t hire another pro.

“We did have a pro and he went another way,” Bowman said. “We tried to, we thought we might hire a pro, but we thought this would be the best way to go. I guess basically because we didn’t have any pros close by that was really interested in doing it, so they decided to move me inside.

Currently, the course has 40 tournaments planned for the summer. With that, bowman said they needed someone to help with all of the arrangements.

“We also hired a golf tournament director which is J.J. Mickey to help with outings and tournaments,” Bowman said.

Even though Bowman made the move inside the club house, he said he will still assist the new superintendent when it comes to getting ready for all of the tournaments.

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