Anticipating a Massive Pollen Release

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A late end to winter has delayed the release of pollen into the air.

Now, health professionals are anticipating a massive release of pollen. Doctors at Rutgers University say the late release will overlap and cause a more intense allergy season. As the release begins, Physician Assistant, Kristin Davis said people with asthma and allergy problems should take precautions before heading out.

“People with asthma in particular seem to have a much harder time during allergy season,” Davis said. “It’s very important that they seek treatment to try and prevent any worsening or exacerbation of their asthma during the allergy season.”

She said taking a shower, limiting time outside, and paying attention to area pollen counts can help you avoid seeing severe problems. At the pharmacy, Ethel Krieg described some over the counter medications that could help with allergies.

“We have a couple different options in terms of the cordica steroid nasal sprays and those used to be prescription only, but they just came over the counter,” Krieg said. “And I think it’s a great option for people. It really helps relieve those nasal and those head symptoms.”

Health officials say that when the pollen release is delayed like this year, people can sometimes see a green or yellowish cloud. That cloud is the pollen as it’s being released into the air.

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