The Unknown Economic Impact for Buckeye Lake

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The economic impact of keeping water at winter pool levels at a popular lake won’t be known for some time.

The decision by Governor John Kasich to keep water levels at unseasonably low water levels may upset many property and business owners.

20th State Senate District Republican Troy Balderson said it’s unknown at this time if the state will financially help those impacted by the decision.

“Nothing yet will be designated from the state yet. I do know that people I spoke with last week after the decision was made we’re going to step back for a few minutes here evaluate the whole situation and try and find ideas to how we can help with this impact,” said Balderson.

Senator Balderson said leaders will meet with business owners to talk about plans for the lake and the 180-year-old earthen dam.

A recent report indicates the dam has been weakened by several hundred homes built into it, along with docks, trees and utility lines. Senator Balderson said there’s no blame for allowing this to go on.

It’s not about fault. It started way before our time those permits were issued by the state by the local auditors. I really don’t know who started making those or who made the initial process to do that . What we need to focus on right now though is it’s here those people with homes on that dam are not going to be affected. Over time their property is going to go and increase so that was a concern.

Governor Kasich said work will begin immediately to replace the dam. Kasich said the project will take several years and cost an estimated $125 to $150 million.

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