Muskingum County Commissioners Offer Proclamation

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The Muskingum County Commissioners have given a proclamation to the county 4H program.

In a meeting this morning, the commissioners recognized everything that 4H does to spur innovation in kids. The organization educates kids in a different way than in school. 4H Educator at the OSU extension office, Michelle Fehr, said it presents kids with an informal education.

“It gives kids the opportunity to choose things that they’re interested in,” Fehr said. “When they go to school, there’s specific subject areas that they have to do, but when they’re in 4H and when they become old enough to take 4H projects. They can choose from nearly 200 4H projects that we have available.”

Fehr said there’s something for everyone at 4H. She added that it’s great to get the support from the commissioners each year.

“OSU extension, which hosts the 4H program gets support from the commissioners each year to be able to offer this opportunity to the different communities and the kids in our county,” Fehr said. “It’s great to see that they’re providing support for the youth that we have because the youth are the future of our county.”

Fehr said that 4H allows kids to see what they are interested in and gives them the opportunity to test out a possible career path.

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