Veteran Organization Searching for Grant Money

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The new U. S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs wants to reform the way the Veterans Administration is run.

Robert McDonald is pushing to end veteran homelessness. Last week the VA announced that it will offer $300 million worth of grant money to non-profits aiming to help homeless vets. One local man is hoping to get a share of that for Southeastern Ohio.

“We’re working on getting the grant that would take care of getting the veteran homeless into a shelter and the next grant we’d get them into an apartment on a five year program that would get them housed, take care of all of their utilities, take care of all their food,” Lester Abele, founder of Veterans First said. “After five years, supposedly make them self-sufficient”

Abele and his organization are striving to help veterans here and across the country.

“The homeless shelter in Zanesville is needed,” Abele said. “I’ve got people from the Salvation Army helping me, I’ve got people from Eastside Community. I’ve got people from the city of Zanesville and the Muskingum County Commissioners.”

Abele is still looking for the perfect location to have the veterans shelter in Zanesville. Currently, he is looking at unused buildings that can be renovated.

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