Four Local Couples Recognized at This Years MLK Jr. Scholarship Fund Prayer Breakfast

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Four local couples are being recognized at this years Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Fund Prayer Breakfast.

The Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast will be held Monday, January 19 at 9 A.M. at the North Terrace Church of Christ. The Prayer Breakfast will not only award over two dozen students who excel academically in the Muskingum County area, but it will also recognize four different couples for their dedication to the community.

“David: “The reason that we were selected, I believe, relates to some of the activities that we were involved in trying to improve the quality of life here in Muskingum County.” Katherine: “Trying to follow into Martin Luther King Jr.’s theme, you know his values and so fourth of standing up for things and trying to bring people together and organizing for human rights.”

Mitzel says he is honored to be recognized for something he has such a passion for.

“It makes me feel good at this time, I just left the foundation so it’s nice to still be involved in things that I cared about for a long period of time. And, it’s good to have my wife honored because she is the person who stuffs me full of ideas.”

The three other couples who will be recognized at the prayer breakfast will be Mr. Jerry and Dr. Anita Jackson, Dr. Michael and Kathleen Bullock, and Bud and Lynn Linn whom we will speak with later this week.

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