Winter Farmers Market

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Even though winter is here not all farmer’s markets have shut their doors.

Traditionally farmers markets are held outside during the warm months. However, at the Granville Winter Market the shopping is all done inside so people can enjoy their local farmers market all year round. Which is a great way to buy fresh in* season vegetables.

“Well we have a lot of sweet potatoes right now and we’ll be able to store those probably through February the way things are going right now,” said Bird Havens Farms owner, Tom Bird. “But I say with the high tunnels we can actually extend our season. So we actually grow a lot of lettuce, radishes, onions, Asian greens bok choy, and tok choy.”

The Granville Winter Market offers more than just the traditional farmers market fare. You’ll see vendors selling fresh pies, cheeses, freshly baked bread, and much more. Jen Cuevas the owner of The Gluten & Grain Free Gourmet, explains the importance of shopping locally.

“Oh it’s definitely the thread of the community. We can all work together to have sustainable agriculture and I can support farmers by using ingredients in my products and the community can support us as new businesses. So it just works together to thread the community into one. ”

The Granville Winter Market is held every Saturday at Granville Elementary School from 9:00a.m.- Noon.

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