Top 5 Stories to Start Your Day

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Here are the top 5 stories to start your day:

ZAAP Artist of the Month

ZANESVILLE, OHIO (WHIZ) – Sharon Dean describes her artwork as psychedelic, and mythically inspired, and this month her colorful pieces have earned her the title of ZAAP’s Artist of the Month. You can check out her artwork for yourself tonight at the ZAAP Studio during the First Friday Art Walk.

Animal Shelter Tips

MUSKINGUM COUNTY, OHIO (WHIZ) – Executive Director of the Animal Shelter, Jody Murray, has tips to keep your pet safe this winter. Be careful how long a pet is left outside, pay attention to what chemicals are used on the ground to melt any ice and snow as to not irritate your pets feet, and if its really cold put a sweater on your furry friend.

Ohio Traffic Deaths

COLUMBUS, OHIO (AP) – Preliminary data indicate the number of Ohio traffic deaths for the past year might top 1,000. The State Highway Patrol reports 973 fatalities for the year, at least 37 more deaths are being reviewed.

Minimum Wage Increase

COLUMBUS, OHIO (AP) – Ohio’s minimum wage has increased by 15 cents an hour with the beginning of the new year, bringing the new minimum wage to $8.10. The increase also takes the minimum wage of workers who receive tips up 7 cents to $4.05 an hour.

AirAsia Update

SURABAYA, INDONESIA (AP) – More ships have arrived with sensitive equipment to hunt for the fuselage of AirAsia flight 8501 and the more than 145 people still missing since it crashed into the sea last Sunday. So far, one victim of the crash has been returned to her family.

Something fun for your Friday

As a kid putting Mentos in Coke was always an astounding scientific reaction…. Now, combine a Mentos suit and a dunk tank of Diet Coke!


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