Muskingum County Library System Has Big Plans For 2015

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The Muskingum County Library System is taking a look back at 2014 and making big plans for the new year ahead.

We made a visit to the John McInitre library Monday and asked Blair Tom, Assistant Director of the Muskingum County Library system to give us an overview of how he felt this past year went.

"The library and community together spent a lot of time and energy developing a strategic plan and that was, how do we move forward, how do we be the kind of library–21st century library that people in Muskingum County want and specific to our area and through that, we have planned a really ambitious 2015 that we’re really excited to share with Muskingum County."

Some of those changes include the hiring of an emerging technology manager, creating literacy partnerships with schools and grow innovative partnerships. Tom also told us about another change the library system is looking forward to in 2015.

"Our five branch libraries will open at 12 noon on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Currently, they open at 1PMm and John McInitre library will open at 9:30AMm on Friday and Saturday. Currently we open at 10AM. With the recent renewal of the operating levee, we’re able to do this and support that."

Tom says they learned from the 2014 Strategic Plan that library members would like to be able to attend just a bit earlier. Those new expanded hours will take effect starting January 5th.

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