Golfers out in full swing today

Local News

People teed off in the sun Tuesday at Green Valley Golf Course.

With the polar vortex heading our way this week, some people were enjoying what could be the last warm weather until spring. We talked to three golfers about why they visited the course Tuesday.

"I probably won’t be able to play," after today David Phillips said with a laugh. "And you can see the vortex coming in."

"I never care that much for winter, but we’ll weather it someway," Fred Steinbrecher said.

"We’re going to be shut in for awhile," Roy Reid said. "We’re all retired and got other things we do, but pretty much this is our time outside."

We’ll be seeing our temperatures drop as the polar vortex passes through here, but for the time being the sun and warm temperatures are still here. A couple of the people we spoke with are preparing for the colder weather.

"It’s great today, but hopefully we’ll get back out after this vortex goes through," Steinbrecher said

"I’m getting ready for it with all the leaves and what have you, but yeah this is really a nice day today," Phillips said. "I couldn’t ask for anything better."

As the vortex comes through we could even be looking at some snow later this week. Meterologist Matt Albanese will have the updated forecast is just a few minutes.