Crooksville High School Bus Safety Event

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Perry County is making an effort to get the word out about bus safety.

The awareness event took place at Crooksville High School. Law enforcement and other officials worked to educate individuals on the purpose of the safety week. William Barker, Sheriff of Perry County told us about the target audience.

"The target audience is the drivers on the road. Thats who we need to get the information out to is you and me when we’re driving down the road to make sure we watch for these school busses."

There have been a few incidents involving school busses recently. One way to prevent things like this from happening is by giving yourself at least a 10 foot gap between your car and a stopped school bus with its flashing lights. Barker says the importance of this event is making sure people understand the need for these safety precautions.

"Making sure that people understand the importance of it. Lt. Caplinger and I are pretty close on these different projects we’ve done. You’ve heard him say that there have been a couple of incidences reported in other counties and we’re just hoping that the right message will get out to people that they just have to pay attention."

October 24th is the last day of school bus safety week. To learn more about the topic, you can visit the website:

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