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Muskingum County Commissioner’s stand by their decision to not authorize the county engineer to work on a shelter house for a local baseball league.

Thursday, members of Y-city Baseball approached county commissioners about writing a letter authorizing Doug Davis to draw up plans for a shelter house. At that time Commissioners Jerry Lavy and Jim Porter said they wouldn’t give approval based on Davis never asking for permission before and not wanting every private non-profit asking for help.

Monday, Davis explained his view of the situation.

"Legally, I cannot do that," explained Davis. "It requires an engineer’s stamp. I can give my opinion, but I can’t prepare a set of drawings for an engineer’s stamp."

Davis said the only way he could work on plans is with a letter of request from the commissioners office, but after consulting an assistant prosecutor commissioners found they’re no provisions in the Ohio Revised Code that allows them to donate money or make donations to a non-profit, if they’ve no authority over it.

The letter led Commissioner Todd Sands to withdraw his support for the engineer to draw up plans.

"I rescind my ask," said Sands. "I don’t think we should do this, if it’s outside the Ohio Revised Code. I don’t want to write the letter."

But, Sands also brought to attention a resolution giving $5,000 to the John and Annie Glenn Museum asking how it was okay for them to give to the organization this money based on the recommendation of the prosecutor’s office.

"How is it that you can do that for them if they aren’t a county entity," added Y-city Baseball’s Mike Whiteman. "They’re a private non-profit. How is it you can do that and you couldn’t do this."

"I would say if we weren’t allowed to do this the audit would have caught it by now," replied Jim Porter.

Commissioners encouraged Y-City Baseball to see assistance from the community for their project.

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