Cold Weather Draws Unwanted House Guests

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As the weather turns colder people aren’t the only ones seeking warmth. Insects also try to protect themselves from the cold.

Only, instead of bundling up, the brown marmorated stink bug finds its way into your home. This stink bug entered the United States around 15 years ago and has spread rapidly. Ohio State Extension Educator, Mark Mechling, said early prevention is key.

"The best thing we can do is on a preventative measure, so we want to encourage people to caulk around their windows and doors, seal up any cracks where bugs might be entering," Mechling said. "That’s really the main thing we recommend is to sealing up the house as tight as possible and try to get ahead of the stink bugs entering the house."

While stink bugs can be annoying to deal with, Mechling said they are not a threat.

"They’re really more of a nuisance than anything," Mechling explained. "They’re not destructive, they don’t tend to get into food or into the pantry, so they’re really not like a cockroach. They don’t bite, so they’re really more of just a nuisance by their presence."

If they get into your house Mechling recommended sweeping them outside or using a fly swatter, but he does not recommend using spray inside the house.

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